Choose your pricing plan

  • Urban UniverCity app

    Perfect for beginners seeking weekly classes and engagement
    Free Plan
    • All applicants are eligible for the Urban UniverCity 🥾 ⛺️
    • Applicants get access to all local resources and connection
    • If accepted you can get access to a coach and mentor.
    • Each qualified applicant will receive a discovery 💡 📱
    • We have a virtual onboarding process. We match your speed.

    Community Engagement

    Every week
    Perfect to collect opinions for ARPA Funding ⭐️NEW⭐️
    Valid for 2 weeks+ 14 day free trial
    • Create Survey On Any Topic
    • Post Survey In Any Local Target Area
    • Share Socially With Your Target Community
    • Simple To Use and Coaching and Training Offered As Well
    • We Measure Engagement In Real Time
    • We Collect All Data and Its Transparent To The Community
    • We Accompany You To Prioritize Your Ideas and Listen To You
    • Unity, Trust and Consensus Transforms The Data To Solutions
    • The Solutions Offer The Community Their Own Blueprint
    • Create An Agenda Of Community-Led Sustainable Action
    • We Measure Progress In Real Time and 2 Month Intervals
    • Successful Cities Are Eligible For Metro Strategic Program
    • Successful Cities Are Eligible for Profit Sharing Program
  • ARPA Strategic Plan

    Business Launch 🚀 for 2k22
    Valid for one year
    • We will build you an eCommerce website
    • We will build you a logo
    • Social Media Set Up and Maintenance
    • Coaching on how to manage brand
    • Sales and Marketing Assistance
    • SEO set up - first page for your brand
    • State of the art technology and marketing
    • We walk you through the steps to apply for funding
  • Metro Strategic Plan

    The blueprint to build trust within your BIPOC stakeholders
    Valid for 2 years
    • Gain access to all of your local BIPOC data
    • Gather all of the local history and measure your trust
    • Gather past recommendations that were offered and rank
    • Provide a comprehensive report that creates a metro strategy
    • Receive strategies for each community demographic
    • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders and movements
    • When successful you are eligible for DEI Program Launch
    • Achieve Soul Score on our Global Dash Board and Membership
    • Soulful Cities are allowed 9 spots in our Incubator
    • This creates a local Guild to work on 🔑 projects
    • Successful Soulful Cities can create a Cluster Guild
    • Gain Access To Wealth Building Tools To Boost Your GDP
  • CommUnity Xpert

    Every month
    Activate and unify your local BIPOC community
     7 day free trial
    • We assign one team to your brand to offer you solutions
    • Each member get free attendance at all events
    • We do a one on one high tech session with each business team
    • We offer each business PR, Admin, Legal and/or Tech support
    • Each member has to recruit one new member each month
    • Each member has to pay their dues on time
    • You must make at least 3 of the 4 weekly meetings
    • You receive a business profile and a spot in the portal
    • We assist each business to meet their monthly sales goals
    • We seek one member in each industry, market or field
    • Many other perks are available with seniority
    • Members always offer referrals to members who deliver
    • We can help you fundraise or get access to capital to grow
    • Assist members to apply for MBE or WBE certification
    • High performing members serve us at REDI, Chamber or Boards
    • We reinvest back into outstanding, brilliant Founding teams
    • Provide Updated List of Local Black Owned Businesses
    • Help communities reset due to Covid-19
    • Provide Daily Newsletter for the BIPOC community
  • Craft Your App

    Perfect for brands who are ready to build your own app
    Valid for 6 years
    • We will work with your Guild to build your app concept
    • We will take you from idea to launch and scale
    • We can assist your team with your pitch and fundraising
    • We can assist your team with HR, Marketing and Graphics
    • We can coach your team so that everyone fulfills their roles
    • We assist with R&D and mastering your metrics
    • We can assist you to attract your core users
    • We provide lists and templates with 1M resources
    • This deal is only available to Soulpreneurs
    • Gain access to our Global Network of Soulpreneurs
  • Unify Your City

    Perfect tools for your Government, Community & BIPOC Leaders
    Valid for one year
    • Receive Your Cities Black Demographic Infographic Profile
    • Receive Your City Assessment Which Is A Blueprint For Change
    • Receive An Annual Visit To Coach Your Guild
    • Learn How To Move The City Forward And Connect Stakeholders
    • Receive Weekly Virtual Sessions To Coach Your Team
    • Learn New Tools, Tips and Tricks To Gain Power
    • Receive Entrance To The Private Black Playbook Media Network
    • Receive Daily Black History and Content to Feed Your Soul
    • Find Access To Local Funding Sources To Fuel Your Movement
    • Start Your Movement, Choose An Aim and Launch Locally
    • Connect To The Urban Universe Ecosystem And Resources
  • Podcast 🚀 Creation

    All you do is show up and show out
    Valid for 6 months
    • Ideation and Concept Creation
    • Help To Organize Format, Theme and Platform
    • Fine tune your logo and branding art work
    • Create foundation for show
    • Fine tune your niche
    • Help to focus and refine voice of Host
    • Help to recruit co-host and team
    • Train to use technology mix
    • Send equipment to home
    • Help to secure sponsorships
    • Help to edit and market shows
    • Help to craft a core audience and build a community
    • Help to monetize lifestyle brand
  • Tech Coach

    Every month
    Take your business and add innovation to your brand
     7 day free trial
    • 4 virtual sessions on how to utilize innovation
    • Discover your destiny and tweak your niche
    • Assist anyone who is tech challenged and assist them to grow
    • Share technology that will assist you to function better
    • VIP invite into our digital network with other friends
    • Offer weekly content and learning to assist your growth
    • Create A Blueprint To Help You Right The Future
  • Biz Evolution Plan

    If you want to start a high tech or traditional business
    • We will help you to create your business plan
    • We will assist you to recruit your founding team
    • We will assist you to master your metrics and create a pitch
    • We will create your online and digital presence aka website
    • We will help you to create and lock down your own brand
    • We will assist you to launch your movement globally
    • We will assist you to get access to seed funding
    • We will accompany and train you for 1 year
    • You are eligible to enter the Urban U Bootcamp Competition
    • You are eligible to enter the CoMo Black ecosystem
  • DEI Program Launch

    Every year
    This is the perfect plan for cities at 100K population
    Valid for 4 years+ 30 day free trial
    • We provide data that is easy to understand to your agency
    • We discover the local history and find a path forward
    • We can assess the relationships between all participants
    • We can create a document that can be used as the blueprint
    • We facilitate conversations to gain primary feedback
    • We translate the data into action steps for each participant
    • We create a dashboard to track progress and barriers
    • We accompany your Guild of Xperts towards betterment
    • We can help you discovering funding for sustainability
    • As your city gets better, you can add additional focus areas
    • We will make annual visits to continue the progress
    • Goal: DEI, Minority or Urban Affairs Department in 5 years
    • Join Our Global DEI Network
    • Free Attendance at our National Annual Convention
  • Soul Accompaniment

    Every month
    Invest into your soul, well-bring and life
    • 4 monthly coaching sessions each month
    • Text, email and social media support throughout the month
    • One vision email per month
    • Invite into #BlkHandSide Support network
    • Life Evolution Plan with milestones and goal setting
    • Successful Souls Are Promoted To Soulpreneurs
  • Urban U Abolitionist

    Every month
    For any brand that wants to become more culturally competent
     30 day free trial
    • We assign you a team to work on offering you solutions
    • You get one spot in the program for Intrapreneurship
    • We position your brand in a place of honor
    • We make sure that we support your brand whenever possible
    • We allow you opportunities to network with our membership
    • We offer you the use of our virtual campus once a year
    • We add your brand to our podcasts, media and flyers
    • We add your to all of our digital, virtual and print media
    • 25% discount on all other services
  • Urban U Investors

    Invest into us and we will invest into your brand loyalty
    Valid for one year
    • We have a team assigned to work on offering you solutions
    • We position your brand in a place of honor
    • We make sure that we support your brand if at all possible
    • We allow you opportunities to connect with our membership
    • You receive 1 membership spot for each investment
    • We offer you the use of our space once a quarter
    • You receive a Judge spot for our quarterly pitch competition
    • Investors get first choice to lead seed, angel media or VC
  • Urban U Deputy

    We assist your foundation / firm to discover its destiny
    Valid for 2 years
    • Deputies get the same reward that we get in the future
    • We will help you discover your destiny and philantrophy
    • We will create a team to offer deliverables for your target
    • We will offer full transparency with our process with you
  • WMDBE Directory

    Every month
    Create A Modern MBE / WBE Business Directory Template
    Valid for 3 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Create a detailed list of new local MWBEs to add to the dire
    • Update the current list and add relevant data and details
    • Propose marketing campaign to attract Entrepreneurs signup
    • Support formation of Local Black Business Alliance efforts
    • Survey MWBE’s to get feedback
    • Measure the effectiveness of the current programs
    • Identify future business support needs for MBE / WBE & DBE's
    • Successful Cities are Eligible for Metro Plan or DEI Network
  • eCommerce Website

    Get your store and brand online
    Valid for 3 months
    • We will help you gather all content
    • We will build a professional website
    • We will build you a professional app with your website
    • We will connect all of your social media sites
    • We will complete the SEO and secure your domain
    • We will build your store and maintain it
  • BIPOC Ecosystem

    Create A Your Multi-Cultural Business List Template
    Valid for 3 months
    • Create a detailed list of local BIPOC and Women owned brands
    • Update the current list and add relevant data and details
    • Redesign The MBE section of the Client's Website
    • Create a marketing campaign to attract Entrepreneurs
    • Create a sustainable community that is engaged
    • Gain access to resources to help streamline the process
    • Create a local Nucleus To Ensure Accountability
    • Attract National Funding to your local BIPOC community
    • Offer feedback on effectiveness of current programs
    • Successful Cities are eligible for DEI Program 🚀 Launch
  • Digital Marketing

    Social Media Management, Digital Literacy and Press Releases
    Valid for 3 months
    • Show you how to connect to the wider world
    • We can set-up your social media channels
    • We can help to manage your social channels
    • 2 monthly coaching session on your main interest
    • Coach all ages on social media management
    • Coach parents to manage your children's social media
    • Lessons on how to go viral once a week
    • 50% Discount for all Elders and Youth / Organizations
    • Lesson on how to advertise on all social media channels
  • Destiny & Soul Coach

    Every month
    Perfect for companies, communities and institutions
     7 day free trial
    • Destiny package consist of ten 60-minute consultations
    • Monthly text and email support
    • Administrative support
    • Research and Data Mining
    • Team Development and Building
    • Urban Development
    • Solution building
    • WE invest this amount INTO our Soulpreneurs each month
  • Fixer - Crisis Coach

    Every month
    Combination Mentor, Coach, PR, HR, Muse and Oracle.
    Valid for 2 months+ 7 day free trial
    • We talk and walk you through your crisis
    • We offer you email, call and text support
    • We find a way to assist you to fix the issue, great or small
    • Great for individuals, community organizations or government
    • $499 down and the remainder is based on value and success
  • Professional Website

    Great for your first or second website
    Valid for 3 months
    • You provide all of the content on our template
    • We will offer you a coaching session on content provided
    • We will build you a basic web presence digital platform
    • We will offer free web maintenance for 3 months
    • We will attach all social media channels
    • We will provide all SEO setup and security for the site
    • We will show you how to use the site and transfer it to you
  • Reparations Fund

    Every month
    Personal Accountability For America's Original Sin
    • Invest Into Your Local Community And Pay It Forward
    • Commit To Being A Modern Day Abolitionist
    • One on One Session Each Month
    • Access To Content And Resources
  • Basic Web Presence