We Must Reset, Pivot and Evolve Immediately Or Else.

Fuck poverty and oppression. It’s fueled by our collective ego, the insistent self, greed, vices and evil.

My Proclamation From the Holy Spirit:

Let’s work in each city to help all of our vulnerable, Blacks, Native and indigenous, immigrants, to truly be free and all have basic human rights and needs met and then we will be given a cure for COVID-19.

Let me rephrase that.

God will send us the cure gifted by the Holy Spirit.

Modern medicine can’t heal anything. God does that and they merely attempt to kill the pain. Right It’s true.

All calamity is His Providence. All acts of God are just that. Please don’t be one to say it and not really believe comprehend the phrase. It’s not cliche.

In the simplest term, my friends:

we did not create ourselves.

Reset | Pivot | Evolve

Rich people lost over $15T in wealth so far. Poor people lost an awful lot as well.

If we can’t govern ourselves, He will.

COVID-19 is the Boss for this level of the game which is existence. The Greatest Generation dealt with the WWI and WWII and the Great Depression and many recessions and calamities in their day. They fought and died so that we would be spared. But be honest: many humans aren’t doing any of their spiritual work. We playing with life and liberty and now making this place a Utopia that it can be, that it’s supposed to be because we have free will and the few, who are the mighty, lose their war within and choose to feed their ego, materialistic, base aspects of man, and allow our enemies to invade our host, avatar or body, aka being possessed. Hey, I didn’t make it up! It’s in the same book that explains to you how to celebrate and honor Easter (Zombie concept) in the coming weeks. There have been many many wonderful souls who have come to us to assist us to reset. I will share a small list, but there have been over 300,000 and they have come to each tribe in their own special way. God left none of us without guidance, if we should seek a way to the Source.


1. Chrishna of Hindostan.

2. Budha Sakia of India.

3. Salivahana of Bermuda.

4. Zulis, or Zhule, also Osiris and Orus, of Egypt.

5. Odin of the Scandinavians.

6. Crite of Chaldea.

7. Zoroaster and Mithra of Persia.

8. Baal and Taut, "the only Begotten of God," of Phenicia.

9. Indra of Thibet.

10. Bali of Afghanistan.

11. Jao of Nepaul.

12. Wittoba of the Bilingonese.

13. Thammuz of Syria.

14. Atys of Phrygia.

15. Xamolxis of Thrace.

16. Zoar of the Bonzes.

17. Adad of Assyria.

18. Deva Tat, and Sammonocadam of Siam.

19. Alcides of Thebes.

20. Mikado of the Sintoos.

21. Beddru of Japan.

22 Hesus or Eros, and Bremrillah, of the Druids.

23. Thor, son of Odin, of the Gauls.

24. Cadmus of Greece.

25. Hil and Feta of the Mandaites.

26. Gentaut and Quexalcote of Mexico.

27. Universal Monarch of the Sibyls.

28. Ischy of the Island of Formosa.

29. Divine Teacher of Plato.

30. Holy One of Xaca.

31. Fohi and Tien of China.

32. Adonis, son of the virgin Io of Greece.

33. Ixion and Quirinus of Rome.

34. Prometheus of Caucasus.

35. Mohamud, or Mahomet, of Arabia.

We beat this Boss with a few weapons but ultimately it was always beaten on 🌏, back then by unity, selflessness and mass sacrifice.

It’s the purpose for the Boss and test. Continue the cycles.

Malcolm X and Pio Gama Pinto


Every time that we are sent a test, it is our Lord giving us an opportunity to move closer to Him. Our end goal 🥅 is to be in the presence of God at His Throne.

I’m 💯 positive that me, and all of my team will be there, and that we will and have served God in every world in the past and in the future, and the end that has no end and the beginning that has no beginning.

It is. He said “Be” and it was.

Be is the Big Bang. God created it. God created science and science in and of itself is an actual virtue, so both sides can agree and stop the division aka Babylon or Babel.

I share this so that even though we are scared, traumatized and challenged to our very fiber of our being, we aren’t confused on top of it. We can be assured and confident that we aren’t alone or forsaken.

Let’s do battle. Change our direction. The phrases like Armageddon, Apocalypse, and all End Times Prophecies, and the Prophets themselves had a singular purpose was to help humanity to pivot and change course. They were only telling our of doom to encourage us to evolve, not petrifying us to continue forward towards destruction like lemmings going off of a cliff.


Humans are billions of years old and at least 8M and proven to be 200k years old, during the evolution of all of the species that have been on this spaceship called Earth, with whatever version of our creation that you follow or prescribe to believe.

There is not really a right and wrong collectively because we are designed to discover every thing about a human being and at our best, aligned with our most perfect design, at our highest vibration.

All of this was created, provided and designed with us in mind and to provide everything required to transition from Earth in under 120 years, as an eternal soul, with a hard won comprehension of what it means to be a soul, who gives up their will consistently to their Lord, to be used as hosts, in order to allow the Spirit to fulfill its function, and that is to care for His children and show His love, so that they may be pure enough to be in His presence, to not be annihilated, because you can’t force someone to love you, like you or to want to BE in your presence, in service and can we dare say to worship His Beauty.

Listen, just like school got cancelled this year. If you was passing, you go to the next grade and are good. If not, you do it over.

It’s all based on our ability, volition and capacity. Meet your capacity and you are good. Don’t, you get help. Sometimes the help matches our depth, idleness, vanity and ignorance.

Either way as a whole, this is a perfect system that is in place, to produce human souls, of which at least each thousand years, produces 1 ultra rare spiritual soul, that makes it all worth it. And saves our ass. Sweet.

Blessings to your legacy, your movement and your destiny.

If you need help to evolve, we are here. If not, go in peace and you are in our prayers.


(573) 424-6323 text is best.



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