Success Is Never Easy But Made To Look So

Success is not easy.

It's actually very difficult. I am always focused on my targets 🎯 for my life and achieving my destiny. Quite often I am told no, turned down or have to pivot and change my trajectory based on feedback, data or research and try a new path in this maze leading to success.

Earth is not for the faint of heart if you wish to master it before you leave. There are certain things that we all have the opportunity to conquer before we go. Quite often we forget to celebrate when we do accomplish a milestone, share it with others, or sometimes even neglect to see it for the benchmark that it is.

I try to share with people quite often how special they are to me, when I see what they have done and accomplished and how they inspire others that are watching their example, from the sidelines.

I think that sharing these experiences can heighten our awareness of success and fulfillment, as well as enables us to raise our bar, assess the height of our own ability and grow.

Quite frankly, many of our ancestors and elders that have gone before us, weren't able to accomplish all they wanted to because they chose to sacrifice so that future generations could reach to new levels. Many of our rights came at great expense. We would do well to stay aware and not to be entitled.

Name one thing that you have conquered and have checked off of your "successful life" list.

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