#FunctionalFamChallenge To All Men On Earth

It doesn’t really matter who I think I am or who I say that I am.

I can be inaccurate, egotistical, narcissist or vain in my personal assessment.

The true measure of a MAN is when your parents feel loved, respected and honored by your actions and deeds.

It’s whether your wife or companion can trust you to heal her deepest wounds and not cause her to walk on eggshells.

Whether your kids can speak their mind freely and feel equal to you in all ways and never feel the need to go elsewhere for love, affection or bonding.

It’s when your community can reach out to you, without a cent, when they have experienced deep betrayal and get the advice and wisdom to reset and gain balance and go back into the fray.

It’s when God can tell you to do something so ridiculous, so insane and so difficult that no other soul could comprehend, and yet you give up your will to do it, singly and alone.

When the ancestors and Supreme Concourse, need your empathic wife, as a willing human host who is on their frequency to do something special, crazy and sacrificial on Earth, and yet your Faith is adamant enough to know that the obedience and rewards outweigh any inconvenience or ridicule we would receive and you simply say “Ok!”

In what ways can those in your life share how special a MAN you are to your tribe?

Also do you allow them to share freely about ways that you become a better man or do you silence them with forms of abuse.

Let’s us abandon all abuse in this day.

Let us abandon the toxic inheritance of our forbears, progenitors and dead beats for the wise lessons and patient love of the few functional men that stood in the gap.

Let us be MEN.

I formally CHALLENGE all men on Earth 🌏 that I will out love my family, I will create the most functional tribe, will do all of the evolutionary work that is required of me to transition to excellence, and will create a healing environment that will heal my legacy bearers from all generational curses that have been passed down to us unawares.

Do you accept this challenge or shall you merely crown me winner now? #ImAMan


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