Collective Action Is Our Goal: World Peace Is Our Aim As We Awaken

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This very eloquent National Black leader and speaker that I talked to today with my Chief Evolutionary Officer 🎩 on, said that a phrase that I shared was the most eloquent phrase that he had ever heard spoken and recognized me as his better and elder, and I denied it and dove deeper and said “Collective Action is the Goal!” It is not I, but the One who sent me. Ego be testing.

We are really close to our boiling point as a Guild. This is the best time to invest. I’m pretty sure that we will all be billionaires someday, and we will do so as the next stage of Entrepreneurialism is the Soulpreneur: Soul-Fed, Spirit-Led, Serial, Social Enterprise-level entrepreneurs.

Of the 7.5B people, only 400M are entrepreneurs and of those appropriately 20M are Soulpreneurs.

It is those ones that we seek to augment and accompany.

Join us if this is you. 🙏🏽 🏠

Here’s our secret formula:

Create an exceptional product, connected to a social lifestyle brand, monetize your movement, walk in destiny, attract your tribe, build the impossible, after 6 years go public with your IPO and then exit successfully into early retirement and repeat the process. Thousandaire to Billionaire in a week.

This is our gift. Our collective destiny.

Real life productivity with gamification and human augmentation, to create healthier communities while reactivating your own ecosystem to replace generational poverty.

I hate white supremacy. They always must be the backdrop of my excellence.

They exclude us and force us to invent and disrupt the demons affect on their souls and the more that we free them from the devourer, the more they hate us, because they ain’t and can’t be us. BIPOC.

We are the original inhabitant of this planet. The Black from Al-Ke-Bu-Lan: Land of the Blacks. Kemet. Nubian. Egyptian. Midianites. Israeli’s, Hebrews and Negroid, all descendants of Ham and Cush.

Who else can disrupt the white washing that mentally enslaves most our people if not the Paladon from The Black Playbook?

Please name another who is my peer in this arena, besides my Lord?

Aho. All My Relations. Assalamulakam. Ya’Baha’ul’Abha! Hallelujah! Praise God! The Glory of God! ✌🏾 ☮️ 🔮

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