Book Of Destiny 101

We may have free will but destiny doesn’t necessarily always honor it.

You have no choice but to hear it’s call, to honor its claim on you, to recognize and comprehend its depth, and to then conquer its reality, which is your reality.

If you do not do it consciously, and with intent, it will discard you and choose a new host. Once destiny leaves us, unfulfilled, our life is over.

On the flip side, once we complete our destiny, our life is also over. The difference is very subtle but very stark. It’s like leaving Earth in an ⚱️ or a ⚰️.

It's like the difference between being immortal and being eternal. Slight differences but huge ramifications. Advice: do not ignore your destiny.

To do so, curses your future unborn legacies aka your kids.

An unfulfilled destiny = a generational curse.

I'm writing a book on this. Correction: I am the book on this topic.

My 📦 gift is to help 1B souls to discover, achieve and walk in destiny while living.

As of know, over 90% die, without consciously knowing what theirs was while alive and passing it down.

This must change if humanity will flourish.

If you need 🆘 let us know.

With Affinity, Infinity and Eternity,

Tyree "Paladon" Byndom

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