Choose your pricing plan

  • Urban UniverCity app

    Valid for 3 months
    • All applicants are eligible for the Urban UniverCity 🥾 ⛺️
    • Applicants get access to all local resources and connection
    • If accepted you can get access to a coach and mentor.
    • Each qualified applicant will receive a discovery 💡 📱
  • Urban U Biz Launch

    If you want to start a high tech or traditional business
    Valid for one year
    • We will help you to create your business plan
    • We will assist you to recruit your founding team
    • We will assist you to master your metrics and create a pitch
    • We will create your online and digital presence aka website
    • We will help you to create and lock down your own brand
    • We will assist you to launch your movement globally
    • We will assist you to get access to seed funding
    • We will accompany and train you for 6 months
    • You are eligible to enter the Urban U Bootcamp Competition
    • You are eligible to enter the CoMo Black ecosystem
  • Urban U WOKE Ally

    Every month
    For any brand that wants to become more culturally competent
    • We assign you a team to work on offering you solutions
    • You get one spot in the program for Intrapreneurship
    • We position your brand in a place of honor
    • We make sure that we support your brand whenever possible
    • We allow you opportunities to network with our membership
    • We offer you the use of our virtual campus once a year
    • We add your brand to our podcasts, media and flyers
    • We add your to all of our digital, virtual and print media
    • Sponsors can receive a position on WOKE Think Tank
  • Urban U Investors

    Invest into us and we will invest into your brand loyalty
    Valid for one year
    • We have a team assigned to work on offering you solutions
    • We position your brand in a place of honor
    • We make sure that we support your brand if at all possible
    • We allow you opportunities to connect with our membership
    • You receive 1 membership spot for each investment
    • We offer you the use of our space once a quarter
    • You receive a Judge spot for our quarterly pitch competition
    • Investors get first choice to lead seed, angel media or VC
  • Urban U Deputy

    These people support the movement financially but from afar
    Valid for one year
    • Deputies get the same reward that we get in the future
    • We will help you discover your destiny and philantrophy
    • We will create a team to offer deliverables for your target
    • We will offer full transparency with our process with you
  • Urban Affairs Dept

    We can assist you to build trust between Black, White & Blue
    Valid for one year
    • We provide data that is easy to understand to your agency
    • We discover the local history and find a path forward
    • We can assess the relationships between all participants
    • We can create a document that can be used as the blueprint
    • We facilitate town hall meetings to gain primary feedback
    • We translate the data into action steps for each participant
    • We create a dashboard to track progress and barriers
    • We accompany a small group to move all towards betterment
    • We can help you discovering funding for sustainability
    • As your city gets better, you can add additional focus areas
    • We will make annual visits to continue the progress
    • End goal is to create an actual Urban Affairs dept in 5 yrs
  • Create Your App

    Perfect for brands who are ready for their own app platform
    • We will work with your team to build your app
    • We will take you from idea to launch and scale
    • We can assist your team with your pitch and fundraising
    • We can assist your team with HR, Marketing and Graphics
    • We can coach your team so that everyone fulfills their roles
    • We assist with R&D and mastering your metrics
    • We can assist you to attract your core users
    • $50k down and the rest as we hit milestones
  • Metro Strategic Plan

    The blueprint to build trust within your BIPOC communities
    • Gain access to all of your local BIPOC data
    • Gather all of the local history and measure the trust
    • Offer recommendations that can be adopted locally
    • Provide a comprehensive report that creates a metro strategy
    • Receive strategies for each community demographic
    • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders and movements
    • Receive the option to implement and manage the solutions
  • Create BIPOC System

    Connect With Your Local BIPOC Businesses 🤩
    Valid for 3 months
    • Create a detailed list of local BIPOC and Women owned brands
    • Update the current list and add relevant data and details
    • Redesign The MBE section of the Client's Website
    • Create a marketing campaign to attract Entrepreneurs
    • Create a sustainable community that is engaged
    • Create an MBE UniverCity to help streamline the process
    • Create a Local Black Chamber to carry the work forward
    • Attract National Funding to your local BIPOC community
    • Offer feedback on effectiveness of current programs
    • Precursor to the Urban Affairs package
    • Create software or app to help keep it sustainable