Creating Our Own Start-Up Ecosystem

Urban UniverCity is a legacy brand that analyzes your community data to unearth the challenges and discover the gems. We then attract, build capacity, accompany and gain the allegiance of the Black, Indigenous and underrepresented (PEGASUS) entrepreneurs, leaders and scholars, and the WOKE, culturally competent stakeholders and investors, in order to provide disruptive innovation, to create sustainable homegrown solutions in high growth industries, addressing market gaps, that can scale up globally to a successful exit. 


We have somehow otherworldly created the perfect fusion of urban entrepreneurship and urban planning, social activism and economic development, and a reality-based global human resource management environment that can inspire any SOUL who connects with our network to conquer it like a video game.


Our Founders' crusade to accompany 1B people to discover their destiny while still alive and the quasi-holy quest of believing that we each can achieve a complete sense of wholesomeness and wellbeing is our ammunition and fuel.



Human Augmentation and Collective Investment

Economic Development: Build the GDP
Social Development: Improve the TRUST
Soul Development: Advance the CULTURE

Urban U is the newest type of High Tech Start-Up Incubator and Accelerator that provides underrepresented founders and their startups with a location and the tools required to enable rapid transformational growth and success. Our flagship is at the former Sharp End District inside the HUB based in Columbia, Missouri, the birthplace of prodigy pianist Blind Boone, one of the creators of Ragtime, and CoMo's first femalemillionaire, Annie Fisher


We seek BLACK, INDIGENOUS, and DISADVANTAGED ENTREPRENEURS who possess unique, disruptive ideas and aim to convert these concepts into thriving, global-based billion-dollar legacy brands and high-tech businesses.


We seek INSTITUTIONS (governments, organizations, and communities) who want to change their statistics and demographics for the better, instead of losing the contest against reducing generational poverty, violent crime, youth unemployment, year after year. 

We seek INVESTORS (Seed, Angel Media, VC, Philanthropist, and Social Good Foundations) who want to invest responsibly into the next big thing that will give them a huge ROI, but also that feels just; since it creates balance in the soul of the tech industry, instead of continuing to lose bets on inflated evaluations like Uber, WeWork and those attached to the PayPal Mafia in Silicon Valley. Where is the fun in that?  Did you see that WeWork documentary?  We called it!  😂 


Contact us today and let's collaborate with you on how we can help all of you to discover your destiny and achieve your visions on Earth.